The Participant’s Voice

The ADAPTABLE Study is building a community where participants, researchers, and clinicians actively engage one another and partner together to improve cardiovascular health. Participants receive a quarterly newsletter with updates about the study and insights into research team members. There is also an opportunity for participants to share why they joined the ADAPTABLE Study and why cardiovascular research is important to them. This page is dedicated to these participants and their voice.

  • Howard_WI May 9, 2018



    “I’m 77 years old and if the doctors can use any information I provide to help others I will feel that I have paid back in a small way.”

  • Stephen_TN May 9, 2018



    “This is an opportunity to learn which is the correct dosage for people with heart conditions.”

  • Alan_TN May 9, 2018



    “When I learned about the purpose of the study, I was very interested in the findings, and was glad to have the opportunity to take part.”

  • Elisabeth_NC May 9, 2018


    North Carolina

    “I joined this study to help find the best dosage of aspirin for a heart patient. The more we know, the better able we are to maintain our health. Maybe my data will make a difference for someone.”

  • Kristee_Iowa May 9, 2018



    “I have always been interested in helping others so if my participating in this research improves someone else’s health down the road, then I would gladly help out anyway I can.”

  • Ada_NC May 9, 2018


    North Carolina

    “To help others with heart conditions live a longer life. Patient Involvement is the key that might one day lead researchers to the cure of this debilitating diseases. My hope is that ADAPTABLE will be a link to providing future generations the answer to Coronary Disease.”

  • Nelda_Iowa May 9, 2018



    “I think it is good to know what dose is really best and can help in preventing further heart disease in those that have it and prevent it all together in those that do not at this time. Anything we learn through study is a plus and an advantage.”

  • Howard_WI May 9, 2018



    “I’m 77 years old and if the doctors can use any information I provide to help others I will feel that I have paid back in a small way.”

  • Karl_SC May 9, 2018


    South Carolina

    “Researchers are trying to answer a question that I have wondered what is the answer?”

  • Fred_IL May 9, 2018



    “Collaborating has always been important to me. This study obviously values collaboration as well. I also enjoy helping out where and when I can, and the demands of this study are minimal, but with a potential for valuable knowledge to medicine.”

  • Louis_LA May 9, 2018



    “I have a family history of coronary artery disease in my family, on both sides. Hopefully by joining this study it may help someone before they get to my level of this horrible disease.”

  • Jerry May 9, 2018



    “Each research study can possibly improve the health and longevity of thousands of people over the next several years. It is my privilege to participate.”

  • Dennis_PA May 9, 2018



    “I have been through many clinical trials and have seen first hand how research has helped millions. When asked I will always volunteer.”

  • Hal_NC May 9, 2018


    North Carolina

    “Heart disease is a formidable assassin. If my paticipation in this study can offer even a single data point to help defend against it, I would be selfish not to.”

  • Deb_NC May 9, 2018


    North Carolina

    “My family history is riddled with heart disease and deaths caused by it, including my father who died of a heart attack at age 50.”

  • Patricia_TN May 9, 2018



    “A family history of heart disease from both parents and the sudden loss of my 36 year old son due to a heart attack compelled me to join.”

  • Nora_TN May 9, 2018



    “Hope to be able to provide insight for myself and others on the preventative use of aspirin and heart disease.”

  • Michael_NC May 9, 2018


    North Carolina

    “A program like this helps me stay focused on my condition in a positive way, because it isn’t, like, a tactic I’m employing in order to manage something. I’m using my condition, rather than vice versa.”

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