The Participant’s Voice

The ADAPTABLE Study is building a community where participants, researchers, and clinicians actively engage one another and partner together to improve cardiovascular health. Participants receive a quarterly newsletter with updates about the study and insights into research team members. There is also an opportunity for participants to share why they joined the ADAPTABLE Study and why cardiovascular research is important to them. This page is dedicated to these participants and their voice.

  • Khalid_Illinois December 4, 2017



    “Understandably our predecessors contributed in one way or the other towards advancement of medical science and today our treatment plans and regimens have input of past. Hence it becomes incumbent upon us all to make our part of contributions towards refinement of research further so that coming generations could reap benefits of our contributions.”

  • Barb_KY December 4, 2017



    “As the child of 2 cardiac patients and the recipient of a cardiac stent, I feel it is important to do the research and present the scientific findings to give credence to the appropriate dose of ASA for preventing further cardiac events in patients.”

  • Kurt_TN December 4, 2017



    “Hopefully it will help someone”

  • John_PA December 4, 2017



    “I joined because I’ve had three MIs and there is so much uncertainty over the proper dose of aspirin to take in order to reduce the chances of heart attacks. Although the study will most likely not help my prognosis, I can help contribute to advancing the determination of which dose of aspirin is more effective as a prophylactic measure in fighting heart disease.”

  • Bruce_Utah December 4, 2017



    “I have wondered what the difference is between taking the low dose aspirin and the full dose. My hope in participating in this study is to answer that question.”

  • Thomas_Florida December 4, 2017



    “I am always keenly interested in advancing research studying heart disease and best practices in efforts to treat heart disease.”

  • Diane_NY December 4, 2017


    New York

    “My cardiologist thought I would be a good candidate for the study. Since it did not require going to any specific facility it fit well with my lifestyle.”

  • Sandra_WI December 4, 2017



    “I’ve been taking a 81mg dose of aspirin for some time now. I’m interested in learning if this dosage is the best to help prevent future heart attacks.”

  • David_NC December 4, 2017


    North Carolina

    “I joined the study to possibly help other heart patients with finding the right doses of aspirin. I hope that my imput will help everyone.”

  • Elaine_Florida December 4, 2017



    “Help research in managing heart disease.”

  • David_PA December 4, 2017



    “Thought it might help answer a serious question.”

  • Christopher_Tennessee December 4, 2017



    “Being treated at a renowned teaching/research hospital I felt compelled to do whatever I could to help people enjoy the best quality of life possible and reduce the reliance on our health care system for this pervasive disease.”

  • Terry_Iowa_help December 4, 2017



    “When I was approached about this study I felt at my age it would probably not help me, but I might be able to help someone else with the study conclusions. When I learned my cardiologist was ok with it, I signed up.”

  • Earl_PA_future December 4, 2017



    “I joined Adaptable because I was asked to join via email and the effort on my part is so minimal that if it will help heart patients in the future then it is a good thing.”

  • Joel_PA November 27, 2017



    “I want to help advance medical science in any little way I can, just as advances have helped me and millions of others.”

  • Kirby_Missouri_help CAD October 22, 2017



    “I want to know what is best for me, and other coronary artery disease patients. This study is a simple way for me to make a small contribution to the research effort that may benefit all of us.”

  • Ami_NY_aspirin debate October 22, 2017


    New York

    “I’ve always wondered about the 81 vs. 325 debate, and was happy to see that Adaptable was studying the issue on a large scale. It was therefore hard to say no when the study invitation arrived. I’m glad to play a small part in finding the answer to this question that is likely to impact huge numbers of people in the US and around the world.”

  • Sandra_CA_help October 22, 2017



    “I was already taking the lower dose of aspirin daily, so I figured I had a 50% chance of being in the study without changing anything. I’m happy to be able to provide feedback and help the study.”