The Participant’s Voice

The ADAPTABLE Study is building a community where participants, researchers, and clinicians actively engage one another and partner together to improve cardiovascular health. Participants receive a quarterly newsletter with updates about the study and insights into research team members. There is also an opportunity for participants to share why they joined the ADAPTABLE Study and why cardiovascular research is important to them. This page is dedicated to these participants and their voice.

  • Gayle_TN January 2, 2018



    “I am always looking for new ways to volunteer to assist doctors, researchers, and scientists find new ways to aid patients and to improve quality of life. It was my pleasure to be included in the study.”

  • Sue_North Carolina January 2, 2018


    North Carolina

    “I am a RN who spent 12 years working in clinical research. I saw how important clinical research is in providing evidence for the safety and effectiveness of new treatments or the ineffectiveness of current treatments. On a more personal note, I have CAD and am curious as to whether or not my daily dose of 81 mgms aspirin is effective in preventing heart attacks and stroke.”

  • Janice_Tennessee January 2, 2018



    “As a heart disease patient with a family history of heart disease it is very important to know what can be done to help prevent a heart attack or stroke.”

  • Margaret_NC January 2, 2018


    North Carolina

    “My cardiologist suggested it and it sounded like a worthwhile study.”

  • John_PA January 2, 2018



    “To help with the research.”

  • Oliver_CA January 2, 2018



    “I want to participate where I can to help treat and prevent cardiovascular disease.”

  • Mary_Wisconsin January 2, 2018



    “To provide data for the aspirin study.”

  • Joe_NC January 2, 2018


    North Carolina

    “I joined ADAPTABLE because I was interested in the question being asked, and thought I would be a good participant for the study.”

  • Duane_PA January 2, 2018



    “Since my 2008 heart incident, I have been more cognizant of people and groups who share similar stories regarding heart issues and how changes in medication and diet are aiding them. Knowing that any information resulting from this survey can aid another is/was my primary reason for joining ADAPTABLE.”

  • Don_Wisconsin January 2, 2018



    “Why not join the study; I have been taking a daily aspirin for over ten years. An extra small amount of time on my part costs nothing and can help others.”

  • Sue_Iowa January 2, 2018



    “Seems important to know whether daily aspirin is beneficial, and in what dosage.”

  • Cary_Florida January 2, 2018



    “I was asked to join and my nature is to try to help out where possible.”

  • Michele_TN January 2, 2018



    “To help with their research.”

  • Kathleen_NY January 2, 2018


    New York

    “My cardiologist recommended that I join this particular research study. I am a healthcare professional and felt compelled to enroll.”

  • William_NC January 2, 2018


    North Carolina

    “To help other people with the same problem I have – a good heart but bad arteries.
    So if this study will help someone else then it is worth the time.”

  • Edward_Wisconsin January 2, 2018



    “To be part of the study, maybe learn something new, and help others.”

  • Khalid_Illinois December 4, 2017



    “Understandably our predecessors contributed in one way or the other towards advancement of medical science and today our treatment plans and regimens have input of past. Hence it becomes incumbent upon us all to make our part of contributions towards refinement of research further so that coming generations could reap benefits of our contributions.”

  • Barb_KY December 4, 2017



    “As the child of 2 cardiac patients and the recipient of a cardiac stent, I feel it is important to do the research and present the scientific findings to give credence to the appropriate dose of ASA for preventing further cardiac events in patients.”