The Participant’s Voice

The ADAPTABLE Study is building a community where participants, researchers, and clinicians actively engage one another and partner together to improve cardiovascular health. Participants receive a quarterly newsletter with updates about the study and insights into research team members. There is also an opportunity for participants to share why they joined the ADAPTABLE Study and why cardiovascular research is important to them. This page is dedicated to these participants and their voice.

  • Susie_TN October 8, 2018



    “I joined the study because I appreciate life and want to give back. If my being in the study could in some way help another person somewhere I want to do it.”

  • Orville_NC October 8, 2018


    North Carolina

    “I believe medical research like ADAPTABLE is invaluable when saving lives.”

  • Charlie_NC October 8, 2018


    North Carolina

    “I joined the study to support patient centered research that will contribute to my children’s and my grandchildren’s long term health.”

  • Jerry_Iowa October 8, 2018



    “Why I agreed to participate is very simple: It has always been my nature to be a leading participant rather than a follower. I saw this survey as a way to help as many people as possible that have this same ailment as myself.”

  • Norman_LA October 8, 2018



    “To assist in research as to the best dose of aspirin for heart and stroke disease patients to use to prevent future cardiovascular or brain stroke events.”

  • Sharon_NC October 8, 2018


    North Carolina

    “I am always willing to participate in research to help doctors understand how to best treat heart disease. I want to give back in research that helps others: doctors and patients.”

  • Robert_NC October 8, 2018


    North Carolina

    “The study provides myself and others the opportunity to more fully understand the importance and effectiveness of committing to a life-long regimen of aspirin. There are so many potentially helpful activities and actions that apply to mitigation of heart disease – it’s very helpful to know which of these and the dosages that have proven and data-supported benefit.”

  • Neal_VA October 8, 2018



    “To help determine the difference and effect of 325 mg and 81 mg of aspirin for persons on an aspirin regimen.”

  • Paul_Florida October 8, 2018



    “I’m a heart attack survivor so I know how important aspirin research is necessary, and want to be part of that research to improve the chances of others to survive.”

  • Gary_Alabama October 8, 2018



    “I feel fortunate to have received the excellent medical care that I have received in the past. I think it is important to participate in these sorts of studies to help medical science move forward and improve the level of health care for everyone.”

  • Judith_FL October 8, 2018



    “To help cardiology doctors find the best dosage of aspirin for their patients.”

  • Dale_Missouri October 8, 2018



    “Will to see which dosage would be better for me and all who take aspirin daily for prevention efforts.”

  • Richard_VA October 8, 2018



    “In hopes of helping with medical information for my fellow man.”

  • Rose_Iowa October 8, 2018



    “I was already taking a baby aspirin a day and was curious to see how and/or what the study would find out from participants. Also to understand benefits of the study itself.”

  • Charles_NC October 8, 2018


    North Carolina

    “I joined ADAPTABLE because it seemed to be a study which might apply to me: I take a daily aspirin medication to help prevent a second heart attack, and I would like to know if there are any side effects.”

  • Louis_LA October 8, 2018



    “To learn the affects of aspirin on my heart.”

  • Alice_Illinois October 8, 2018



    “I joined because I wanted to know difference between the effect that some medications have on me.”

  • Jim October 8, 2018



    “To help with the study.”

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