Protocol Survey Results

Based on a model of sharing knowledge, collaboration, and transparency, the ADAPTABLE draft protocol was made available for stakeholder review on June 26, 2015. Through professional, social media, and e-mail channels, the research community, patients, and the public were all invited to read the draft study protocol and complete a survey. Specific questions regarding key eligibility criteria were voted upon.

We received input from 233 survey respondents . Approximately 57% of the survey respondents voted to not limit the inclusion criteria to only include patients already taking aspirin at the time of randomization (with 7% expressing no opinion), 49% voted to allow patients taking ticagrelor at the time of screening to be included in the trial (with 14% expressing no opinion), and 49% voted to exclude patients with a clear indication for an oral anticoagulant even if they are not current taking an oral anti-coagulant (with 6% expressing no opinion). The final inclusion/exclusion criteria were adapted based upon these survey responses.

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