In Memory of Bill Larsen

Gainesville, Florida

Bill Larsen, a beloved Adaptor Team member, passed away on June 30, 2018. If you had the opportunity to work with Bill, you know he was a caring, articulate, and passionate person.

In his work as a citizen scientist and an ADAPTABLE patient partner, Bill worked through the lens of the potential patient who may be contacted to participate in clinical research. He thought beyond himself and always asked “what would the average citizen want to know about research?” At a recent meeting, Bill said, “I try to beat the drum of educating the general population about the importance of participating in clinical research.”

And beat the drum Bill did. Bill came to work on ADAPTABLE from his experience with the OneFlorida Citizen Scientist Program. In this program, Bill brought his own life experiences to the research process, engaging with researchers to improve the quality of health care. On ADAPTABLE, Bill was an active team member who provided the patient voice in national and local meetings. Bill would respectfully voice his concerns, ask thoughtful questions, and provide creative ideas to any challenges. In addition to speaking engagements, Bill was a gifted writer and enjoyed sharing his thoughts on the patient-researcher relationship and the value patients bring to clinical research.You can learn more about Bill and his perspectives by reading his profile, watching this video, and reading this article he authored.