Ken Gregoire

Ken Gregoire

New Orleans, Louisiana

Network Association: Research Action for Health Network (REACHnet)

How did you get involved in ADAPTABLE?

I was referred to participate in ADAPTABLE by my cardiologist. This is my first experience with clinical research. I never realized how much work is put into research studies by physicians and research staff. I have learned that clinical research is not an automated process. Research requires a tremendous amount of time and effort from a team of people—physicians, project leaders, heath system leaders, caregivers, and patients.

Why is providing the patient perspective important in clinical research?

As an Adaptor, I have been given the opportunity to review study materials, e-mail templates, and an informational video. I provide suggestions on word choices and changes to help clarify the intended message and spark interest by the patient audience. My goal is to make sure the information that a potential participant receives is easy to read, straight forward, and inviting.

So far this has been a very positive experience for me. The REACHnet team has been very receptive to my ideas, supportive and respectful of my role as a patient partner. As the study progresses, I hope that I can provide support to participants considering enrolling in ADAPTABLE and help spread the word about study progress and results.

Why do you think the ADAPTABLE study is important?

ADAPTABLE will help determine the most effective dose of aspirin for patients with heart disease. It seems that we have heard for years that people should take aspirin to prevent having a heart attack or stroke, but it is surprising that we don’t know what the best dose is. I have lost three friends to heart disease; I don’t want to lose more. I think it is important that we get the word out about ADAPTABLE and encourage patients to ask their physicians if they are eligible to participate in this study.

I enjoyed the opportunity to spread awareness about ADAPTABLE and share my experience in a Facebook Live Event at the American Heart Association Annual Scientific Meeting .