• Sowing Seeds of Trust in Patient-Centered Research

    Trust is central to the relationship between patients and their clinicians. It’s also essential to the relationship between patients and researchers if patients are to fully engage in clinical research. As the healthcare industry becomes more patient-centered, clinical researchers will need to work closely with patients to assist them in finding answers to critical health ...
  • Protocol Survey Results

    Based on a model of sharing knowledge, collaboration, and transparency, the ADAPTABLE draft protocol was made available for stakeholder review on June 26, 2015. Through professional, social media, and e-mail channels, the research community, patients, and the public were all invited to read the draft study protocol and complete a survey. Specific questions regarding key ...
  • Study Co-Chair, Dr. Bob Harrington, Answers why the ADAPTABLE Aspirin Dosage Study is Important

  • Scientific American features ADAPTABLE trial.

    An article in the August 6 edition of Scientific American, Your Medical Records May Unlock Disease Secrets for All, describes efforts to use electronic health data to help identify and recruit participants to large clinical trials. ADAPTABLE is cited as the first nationwide test of such an approach.
  • Bray Patrick-Lake Discusses the Patient-Centered Aspects of the PCORnet ADAPTABLE Aspirin Dosage Study

    Patient representative Bray Patrick-Lake, MFS, talks about how patients and other healthcare stakeholders will play a key role in ADAPTABLE, the first clinical trial to be conducted using PCORnet, the National Patient-Centered Research Network being developed by PCORI to conduct research more efficiently by harnessing the power of health data.
  • PCORI Awards $14 Million to Determine Best Aspirin Dose to Protect Patients with Heart Disease

    First PCORnet Demonstration Study Could Help Guide Treatment Options for Millions WASHINGTON, DC – The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Board of Governors today approved a three-year, $14 million clinical trial designed to determine the best dose of aspirin to use to prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with heart disease. The ...

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