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Get to know what drives and motivates the ADAPTABLE team at Ochsner Clinic Foundation, part of the REACHnet Clinical Data Research network.

What drives and motivates team members at your site to be part of ADAPTABLE?

We believe that this national study will provide insights to important, long-standing questions about the effective dosing of aspirin in preventing heart attack and stroke in individuals living with heart disease. ADAPTABLE’s pragmatic study design and novel recruitment methods have also given us the opportunity to trial new approaches to conducting research that will benefit our patients and our institution. At Ochsner, this is the first large-scale pragmatic study to use e-consent and EHR-based algorithms for determining patient eligibility. As a primarily clinical research institution, we are very interested in innovative approaches to patient recruitment, enrollment, and follow-up in clinical trials.

Left to right: Dr. Mark Effron, Ms. Guning Liu, Dr. Nichole Polin, and Dr. Gary Rich. Not pictured: Courtney Parke.

Why is patient-centered research important?

ADAPTABLE has involved patients in all levels of the study process, paving the way for new models of patient engagement in clinical research. At Ochsner, we encourage patients to be engaged in their health and to partner with physicians in their care. Engaged patients are more likely to be interested in research participation not only as participants, but as advisors and members of the study team. Exploration of new paradigms for patient inclusion is one way that we can respect participants and continue to strive to give them a greater voice in the research process. Additionally, the primary goal of research like ADAPTABLE is to benefit patients, and patient-centered research is the best way to understand how patients believe they will benefit from the results.

Is there anything you would like to share about your team’s favorite experience in ADAPTABLE?

We have enjoyed being part of a national effort dedicated to improving the capacity for pragmatic, patient-centered research.  The feedback and communication across all levels has been wonderful and has contributed to the creation of a true ADAPTABLE community.

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