University of Florida

What drives and motivates team members at The University of Florida to be part of ADAPTABLE?

Our team loves the patient focus of ADAPTABLE and that it is helping to answer a question that can actively impact the lives of patients enrolled and we feel this study touches a large population of patients since Aspirin is so widely used. Also, our team thrives on the participation and feedback that we receive from our Citizen Scientist. We are fortunate that they have been involved in this project from the beginning of implementation in OneFlorida and that we have two active citizen scientist on our team who give us invaluable input.

The ADAPTABLE Study Team at University of Florida
Why is patient-centered research important?

Patient-Centered Research is inspiring as it allows us to focus more on patients at an individual-level and receive real-time feedback from those patients. Additionally, patient-centered research helps with greater collaboration among researchers, patients, providers and other stakeholders.

Is there anything you would like to share about your team’s favorite experience in ADAPTABLE?

Having two engaged citizen scientists have been a wonderful experience. Our team is so proud that one of our Citizen Scientists, Bill Larsen, has been able to provide his unique experience as an Adaptor on a national level. His and Nadine Zemon’s continued enthusiasm for this study and research in general helps keep the team motivated and accountable.

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