University of Iowa

What drives and motivates team members at your site to be part of ADAPTABLE?
“The opportunity to address a really important question, regarding a drug that has been around for over a century, using an approach that is novel and engages patients in a meaningful way. This is what motivates our team to be a part of ADAPTABLE”

“ADAPTABLE is using a novel study design to answer a question that will change clinical decisions in such a way that will lead to better health outcomes for many patients living with heart disease. It’s exciting!”

“The opportunity to be a part of research that will improve patient outcomes.”

University of IOWA ADAPTABLE Team
University of IOWA ADAPTABLE Team from Left to right: Andrea Fjelstul, Saket Girotra, Kayla MacDonald, Danielle Riley. 

University of IOWA Coordinator: Kimberly Miller-Cox
University of IOWA Coordinator: Kimberly Miller-Cox

Why is patient-centered research important?
Patient-centered research ensures that the questions we seek to answer are relevant to our patients and improve their lives in a meaningful way. Our team recognizes how important it is to foster partnerships between patients, providers, and researchers in order to improve the quality of our research as well as our ability to translate our findings into better patient-centered care.

What insights or guidance can you share with patients on the importance of diversity in research?
Diversity is so critical to the success of any research project. Diversity of study participants makes certain that our findings are broadly applicable to the different communities we serve. It’s important to know how therapies, such as aspirin, affect individuals of different ages, sexes, races, and ethnicities in order to identify the best treatments available for our patients.

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