The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

What drives and motivates team members at The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to be part of ADAPTABLE?

ADAPTABLE is addressing an important question that comes up daily in the care of cardiac patients.  We all know the benefits of aspirin in this patient population but it is amazing that such a basic question of what is the ideal dose is unknown.  The fact that such an important question is being asked in a trial design never before performed is more than enough motivation for us to not only participate but also perform well in this landmark trial.  The results of this trial has the potential of impacting the care of countless patients with coronary artery disease.

Left: Barbara Postol, Middle: Sandeep Jain, Right: Kendal Kingsley
Why is patient-centered research important?

Patient-centered research has direct applicability to clinical care and research that in general, patients can easily relate to.  The ability for all involved to have a clear understanding of the research being performed enhances the likelihood of a successful trial.

Is there anything you would like to share about your team’s favorite experience in ADAPTABLE?

The ADAPTABLE study team enjoys the close collaboration across all sites in helping make the study a success.

Another project we are involved in where patients partner to inform researchers and clinicians is the MyPath Story Booth.  The Story Booth collects stories from patients and caregivers of their experiences with illness and healthcare. The stories can be used to inform researchers on topics that are important to patients and most likely to improve health and healthcare.

Participants interested in sharing will audio-record a story about their health, illness, or experience with the healthcare system with a member of the study team. Interviews take place over the telephone and last around 20 minutes. Participants are welcome to have a friend join them to tell the story together.  If you’re interested in sharing your story or learning more, you can contact the story booth team at

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