Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Mid-South CDRN

What drives and motivates Vanderbilt to be part of ADAPTABLE?
Front: Kathryn Goggins, Remy Servis, Chris Pritchett, Sunil Kripalani Back: Stephanie McCrate, David Crenshaw, Daniel Muñoz

“Patient success stories, along with the trust and faith that they put in our doctors at VUMC, are powerful motivators.”

“The opportunity to get patients involved in accessible research on a topic that resonates so deeply with so many of them!”

“I love giving patients here at Vanderbilt an opportunity to participate in a research study that really has the potential to impact many lives in the future.”

“Losing my grandfather to heart disease has placed health research near and dear to my heart. I hope studies like ADAPTABLE can help save thousands of lives and millions of bedtime stories.”

Why is patient-centered research important?

Many of us have heard the expression, “An aspirin a day keeps the doctor away.” At Vanderbilt, we like to add, “Studies like ADAPTABLE give patients a say.”

Patient-centered research brings patients and doctors together, and places patient voices at its heart. Patients make sure the study is asking the right questions, and that everyone hears the answers. For many participants at Vanderbilt, the ADAPTABLE study is their first research experience. Others have supported research their entire lives. Patient families and friends have approached us in the cardiology clinic, curious to find out more about the study and how they can help. The Vanderbilt ADAPTABLE community even includes married couples and mother-daughter pairs, all interested in reducing heart disease for the next generation

Is there anything you would like to share about your team’s favorite experience in ADAPTABLE?

The ADAPTABLE team had the opportunity to watch the 2017 solar eclipse right outside the medical center. It was an incredible experience, only eclipsed by the enrollment of our 1000th patient later that month!

Below is a photo of the eclipse by our esteemed Principal Investigator, Sunil Kripalani, seen from outside our study office:

Eclipse on 8/21/2017 taken by Sunil Kripalani
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